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  Abrines is the trading name of Louis J Abrines Limited the food, confectionery, home and personal care division of the Group. Having been a Commission Agent for major brands since the 1920's, Abrines has developed into one of Gibraltar's leading food distributors since becoming part of the Group in 1985. Since 2001 it has broadened its' distribution range into frozen and chilled foods, as well as Health and Personal Care products, cleaning materials and Over the Counter and Pharmacy Only pharmaceuticals.  
  Barilla   Tagliatelle, Maccheroncini, Penne Rigate, Spaghetti, Lasagne, Gnocchi, Bavette, Penne Lisce, Maccehroni, Filini-Vermicelles, Cannelloni   Barilla  
  Becketts Bacon   Frozen English bacon   Becketts Bacon  
  Bonduelle   Sweetcorn, Mixed vegetables, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, Spinach, Peas, Fine beans, Green beans.   Bonduelle  
  Burger   Frozen burgers & frozen buns   The Burger Manufacturing Co Ltd  
  Swordfish   La Vaquera skimmed & full cream milk   Celta  
  Colgate   Toothpastes
Herbal, Advance whitening, Maxfresh, Triple action, Total, Regular pump, Maximum cavity protection, Oxygen, Tartar control, Maxfresh, Fresh confidence, Mounthwash, Toothbrushes.
  Mini Rolls   Vitalite, Country Life, St Ivel.   \  
  Double A Kebab   Kebab meat, Pitta bread   Double A Kebab  
  Swordfish   Frozen fish, Swordfish   Guillem  
  Ellsey's Vinegar   Vinegar   Ellsey's Vinegar  
  Gallo   Cous cous, Pasta, Bread crumbs.   Gallo  
  Hero   Biscuits, Cereal drinks, Cereals, Baby accessories, Baby food, Baby drinks.   Hero  
  Jacsa   Frozen meat   Jacsa  
  John West   Baby clams, Pink salmon, Prawns, Red salmon, Crab, Tuna.   John West  
  Chicken Nuggets   Frozen Chicken nuggets   EMadow Vale  
  Flour   Flour   Oak  
  Palmolive soap   Antibacterial, Natural, Aquarius, Florals, Aroma therapy,   Palmolive  
  Lemsip   Disprin, Lemsip, Dettol, Steradent, Harpic, Cillit bang, Brasso, Mr Sheen, Gaviscon, Bonjela, Vanish, Finish, Calgon, Windolene.   Reckitt Benckiser  
  Swordfish   Frozen fish, prawns, scampi, squid   Guillem  
  Fish & Chips   Frozen sausages   Smales  
  Rice   Rice   Arrox SOS  
  Durex Play   Durex, Scholl, Woowards Gripe water.   SSL International  
  Mini Rolls   Cadburys cakes, Mr Kiplings, Sharwoods, Saxa salt.   \  
  Swordfish   Luncheon meats, chicken & pork sausages   Celta  
  FryPure   Frying Oil   FryPure  
  Marmite   Liptons Tea, Bertolli, Bovril, Colmans sauces, Colman mustard, Elmlea, Flora, Hellman's, Peperami, I can't believe its not butter, Jif lemon, Knorr seasoning, Knorr soup, Ragu cooking sauces, Marmite, PG Tips, Pot Noodle, Stork Margarine, Summer Country Margarine.   Unilever  
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