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Abrines is a trading name of Saccone & Speed (Gibraltar) Limited and is the food, confectionery, home and personal care division of the Group. Having been a Commission Agent for major brands since the 1920’s as Louis J Abrines LimitedAbrines has developed into one of Gibraltar’s leading food distributors since becoming part of the Group in 1985. Since 2001 it has broadened its’ distribution range into frozen and chilled foods.  

Tagliatelle, Maccheroncini, Penne Rigate, Spaghetti, Lasagne, Gnocchi, Bavette, Penne Lisce, Maccehroni, Filini-Vermicelles, Cannelloni
Frozen English bacon

Frozen Vegetables

Frozen burgers & frozen buns
La Vaquera skimmed & full cream milk

Frozen fish

Cous cous, Pasta, Bread crumbs.
Frozen meat
Frozen fish, prawns, scampi, squid
Frying Oil

Kraft Heinz Company


Jerky, Sticks, Steak Strips & Bars, Sausages, Jack Links Cold Crafted


Bread and Pastry

Butter, Margarine, Yellow Fats

Frozen Poultry, Meat and Fish


Pitta Bread


Frozen Cakes and Desserts

Premium Frozen Sausages



Frozen Fish & Seafood